Cam Burrows

Cam Burrows is a man you cannot categorize as he will continually surprise. Skatepark designing engineer or foosball champion skateboarder; passionate dog owner or relentless pursuer of erudition, International traveler or local entrepreneur. Cam changes hats smoothly and seamlessly not just throughout his days but also within the conversation, touching on his wide breath of knowledge while still curiously discovering the new. Digging deeper into the next thing he will master, Cam is a formidable competitor in all that he attempts, except perhaps talking.

Jordan Marowitch

Jordan Marowitch, the Vancouver skateboard community’s favorite “Chatty Cathy”. Ask Jordan “How’s it going?” And he will REALLY tell you; but you will also walk away with a smile and a new friend. His shining positivity mixed with shameless charisma makes him undeniably lovable. A journeyman electrician by trade and a sponsored skateboarder for the past 11 years Jordan is an expert at what he does, but still never afraid to admit he doesn’t know something and never afraid to ask. Most of all Jordan is the best friend every best friend wished they could be.

Together Cam and Jordan make the odd couple connected by four wheels and a piece of wood embarking on interviewing the other interesting, strange, and wonderful characters hidden within Canada’s west coast metropolis, Vancouver
— Martin Walker